Posted By: Joseph E Lutz

I was called to reinsure my style of snowmobile and year would be a probable for their carbide Savers which when they were sent and delivered on time fit really nice and I don't think I have any complaints very nice product

Posted By: Dan Abts

When I received my Carbide Savers I had some questions and contacted the company. They answered my question very quickly. After getting a call from the owner on a Saturday, I installed the Carbide Savers and they work perfectly.


As soon as I received my carbide savers I tried them out. I was able to maneuver my sled over gravel, sand, grass , and pavement. It was amazing. Every good as advertised.

Posted By: Jim

I have recommended this product to my snowmobile friends. Ease of use and saving my concrete floors, thank you...

Posted By: Kerry brobst

What a great invention no more tearing up my asphalt driveway or my garage floor and loading my sled into a trailer is so much easier the green paint matches my sled perfectly too only took 2-3 weeks. To get them as stated I highly recommend these for all sled owners

Posted By: David Klamm

By far the best tool for moving my snowmobile around without snow. They install easily and give me complete control over my sled. THANK YOU CARBIDE SAVERS!

about us

Carbide Savers, LLC was established in 2016. It is a family owned and operated business located in Plymouth, Michigan and is establishing itself as the “next generation provider” of snowmobile transport equipment on snow-free terrain and snow-free road surfaces.

Our product (Patent Pending in the USA and Canada) is a transport dolly for snowmobile skis. The transport dolly protects the snowmobile owner’s investment by preventing damage of the expensive snowmobile ski carbides when moving or transporting the snowmobile ski on hard or rough surfaces.

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